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JLT Cricket Tournament Empty JLT Cricket Tournament

Post by bayman on Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:52 pm

as some of you would be aware the domestic one day competition is underway & again it is at just a few venues which in my opinion is garbage, so much so i believe since they've used this cramped up style of a tournament plus at very few venues is the number 1 reason the Australian one day teams record is close to appalling over the same time period, the home & away fixture should return

besides that, this year the finals will be played between every team, so effectively a team could not win a game, get on a hot streak during the finals & win the tournament, hardly the Australian way is it ?

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JLT Cricket Tournament Empty Re: JLT Cricket Tournament

Post by Scrappy on Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:40 pm

The placings at the end of the Minor round were
WA 5-0
TA 3-2
SA 2-3
VI 2-3
NS 2-3
QL 1-4

Have to agree with Bayman on the concept
That being QL finished bottom, with 1 win and played finals
4th placed VI beat 2nd placed TA in the Grand Final

One way of restructuring finals would be :
Only up to half the teams  should qualify for finals

Finals could have been
TA[2nd] V SA[3rd] Qualifying final
Winner plays WA in the Grand Final
That GF could even be played in WA

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