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Just an update on me  Empty Just an update on me

Post by mickyj on Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:22 am

I understand I may annoy some people for whatever reasons . Something I can't control so I've learnt in my well being and trying to be healthy nothing I can do about it
Thanks to administration for trying to protect me from let's say keyboard warriors. Yes one issue I can't these days tell sarcasam from keyboard warriors ( not the W word I'd like to use).
So whats up with myself . I was sent back to a senior college after my incapacitated certificates were not accepted by Centrelink. Well after being told by a doctor another hit to my head I'll die. The disability job provider gave me a choice at 54 be a roof tiler or go to school and study community services certificate 3 . I will be honest not something I'd like to study . But I'm almost there and some posters may disagree but my brain has woken up. So tear strips out of me I'm alive and clearly I can post read able posts.
Now some things going on I can't totally post for legal reasons .
I was in the industrial tribunal in 2017 had everything thrown at me verbally by solicitors representing my last employer and their insurance company. Ive had posters on footy forums and a solicitor either write or yell at me I'm a drunk diabetic . The solicitor yelled that a few weeks too early blood test taken the night of my injury proved I was sober .
The industrial tribunal ended with no result but the other side raced to take me to the industrial court . Now like myself you can ask why in this state my injury at a non Christmas work function is not work cover but they wanted court .
May 2017 I was in court for 30 minutes very overwhelming. It was adjourned by the judge until June or July 2017. Both sides were to sit down and talk . From what I learnt after September 2017 and February 2018 the other side are refusing to talk to my legal team. Now my legal firm is getting a new court date set and this maybe over in a year or so .
There's a few other things I've been assessed by independent medical specialists who say I have 22 percent disabilities. Centrelink refuse to agree but what are you going to do .
However with Centrelink after seeing an insurance neurologist who laughed I had lost my licence , Centrelink were told I'm lying I can drive . Whether that's paranoia or a work cover insurer kicking me who knows . Except it took me 18 months to get my driving licence back now thanks to the brain injury I must be medically checked every 5 years.

So that's my life what was Micky before October 2015 is gone
I am who I am
And working my last job of 21 years if I'm not 100 percent I can't return .
Still have issues balance issues hearing issues memory issues
I'm alive that's what counts
Keyboard warriors mean zip

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