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Update 1/1/12 Empty Update 1/1/12

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:48 pm

Happy New Year.

Work has been continuing as we move closer to a launch.

We've been working on original content to kick things off and hoping to have plenty of talking points in that content.

We're not out to compete with other forums and we've put up links to SAFooty and MyFootyForum, both excellent forums in their own right.

All Forums have different audiences. We're looking for ours to be a fun place with plenty of banter, but also great footy discussion and original breaking footy news.

We anticipate that many of our members will also be and remain members of the other forums. That's great, the world of SANFL should be to share opinions on whatever public forum is chosen. All we will be asking is that it's done in a spirit of goodwill and respect.

So, if you have mates who want to join, please encourage them to do so, but we'll keep things low-key until our launch.

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