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Post by Booney on Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:38 am

Round 10 stuff :

Evening viewers, thought I’d get back into the swing of things after a little drinking holiday. The liver is good, now that I’ve had the old one replaced.

Friday night kicks off early, well real early if you’re in Perth anyway. I think with time differences it’s an 11:30 am start, on Thursday, for the rest of us it’s Friday night footy with the top’o’the table Dockers hosting the Tigers. The Dockers are unbeaten and last week held on in a classic over the Crows in Adelaide. It was a matter of class that decided the Adelaide / Freo match, Freo had enough of it and Adelaide didn’t quite. One of the matches of the year to date. Meanwhile in an underwhelming affair the Tigers rolled over the rapidly slowing Bombers in Dreamtime at the G. The Tigers were anything but convincing in a scrappy affair dictated by Essendons sloppy, sluggish game plan and the Tigers have a huge task this week, going to Perth, taking on the unbeaten Purple Army and doing what they can to minimise 2015 Brownlow Medallist Nat Fyfe’s impact on the game. You can’t stop him, so you can only try to limit his influence. While the Tigers best is pretty good, even their very best will struggle to topple the Dockers. The Purple’s will be due a loss soon, but not this week. Heave Ho Freo, by 28 points.

Carlton...on the wrong end of a war dance last week in Sydney take on Adelaide after the Crows did their very best to burst Fremantle’s bubble. You can’t say many positive things about the Blues at the moment, other than them giving John Barker a crack at being a senior AFL coach for the next 4 months, unfortunately for him they haven’t given him a list that is up to AFL standard. Completely lacking in confidence after the coach got the **** the Blues at least managed to go with the Swans for patches of the game and take home a “respectable” 10 goal loss. Adelaide had a cracking match against the Dockers and they have added some stout young defenders to their list with Lever and Kelly holding down the mid/tall defenders posts with aplomb not seem from the usual kids with 3-5 games under their belts. Defensive Walsh is clearly building from the back, and he’s got a couple of rippers there. While Adelaide are far from in top nick, the likely return of Sloane, Douglas and Hendersen would add to the Navy Blues misery, if I were Adelaide I’d give them all another weeks break, they aren’t required here. Carlton are flat, flatter than a Malthouse family BBQ with a karaoke machine. Adelaide to get back on the winners list, by 74 points.

Up on the Goldy the Sunny boys host the Swannie boys in a battle of the beaches. Gold Coast v Bondi and I know which one I’d rather live at and which one I’ll be backing this week. The Suns had to travel to Tassie to play the Hawks in -3° with a gale force wind blowing and a couple of the lads thought a night cap the night before the game was a good idea. Well, it was, if they’d paid the mini bar bill, problem was they didn’t and the club got an invoice for a couple of bottles of red. Excellent work by the Brew Crew, anyway it was tough conditions and they registered another loss for the year. Plenty of talk around the return of G Ablett Jnr, or more so when will he be back? The Suns won’t play finals and they’ve just given Gaz a contract extension large enough for him to purchase another high rise apartment complex on the strip, don’t rush him back I say, 2015 won’t be any better with him in the side, it will still finish in August. The Swans couldn’t have asked for less last week, Carlton on the back end of a coach sacking without Judd, Murphy and they only won by 10 goals has me stumped. Perhaps Kurt Tippett can start negotiating his go home contract this time around? Although it’s not likely the Suns would pay him $800k to pick up the tape from Buddy’s shoulders after games. About all he’s good for at the moment. This one won’t be pretty for the Suns, for something different this week the Swans will try a new set of moves and waltz in by 48 points.

Essendon are fading quick, they look like they need an injection of something-or-other to get them going again after a solid first few weeks, but now, they look like they’ve got heavy legs, can’t cover the ground as they were and worse still the game plan they play is crud. The Cats come back from Perth where Nic Nat stood on their heads and the Weagles ran all over them in the last half, lucky for the Cats the 40 shots West Coast had were mostly wide of the mark. Both Essendon and Geelong look like they’ll be outside the 8 and this one will be important if either of them have any finals aspirations. This is about the toughest one to pick for the round I think. Teams returning from the West typically struggle, the Bombers are out on their feet and neither side have the goal umpires working too hard waving flags at their end. ( Footnote both kicked 20 goals two weeks ago....against Carlton and Brisbane ). Both sides have 4 wins, Essendon’s slightly better defensive unit against the Cats slightly better offensive unit and once again the midfield will decide this one. A quick review of stats shows these sides ( after 9 rounds – Ess/Gee ) average 374/349 disposals, 11/12 goals respectively,67/65 tackles,98/93 marks, 37/33 hitouts per game. Split them if you can. For mine, the Bombers are looking flat. Geelong by 19.

Port managed to get back on track last weekend in the red centre against the Demons thanks to the engine room led by captain Travis Boak while the Bullies defied recent form to upset the Giants under the roof. Under lights at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night in front of a full house this one could be up there as match of the round. Both sides had some ordinary losses leading into last week’s wins after both looked set to stay up the pointy end of the ladder. Port had Boak, Ebert, Gray and Wines lead the way in the centre, in the centre. Lobbe gets a test this week with Will “Hands off” Minson coming to town. Both sides needed last week’s win, both sides will want this weeks to sure up the form from last week. So, it comes down to franking the form from last weekend. Port looked a rabble early and kicked 16 of the last 18 goals while the Doggies beat the Giants who at the time were 6-2 and in the top 4. The Dogs form probably reads a little better, but Port head home for two weeks at Adelaide Oval and would be very keen to get “WW” in the Win/Loss column. Port, because I’m biased, by 28 points.

GWS suffered a slight hiccup last weekend when the Doggies bit them on the **** in Melbourne and Brisbane had another forgettable loss at home to the lowly but improving Saints. Ryan Griffen, returned home to face the side he led last year for the first time and got plenty of “boo’s” which I understand upset his wife and Mum, he also said he knew exactly why he was being boo’d. Refreshing. This one might get ugly for the Bears, I’ll put it out there right away. The Giants move the ball with speed from one end to the other as demonstrated with 28,40 and 28 scoring shots in the three weeks to last week’s loss while the Lions struggle to kick more than 12 goals a week. Everything here points to a Giants win. The Giants average nearly 50 more touches a week than Brisbane, with the bulk of them being handballs, created by their run. If Brisbane can get in the way of the kids from the West then they might hold them up for long enough to avoid some carnage, but Brisbane is 17th in that’s not one of their strengths either.They'll be all over the Lions like Dracula on a plate of liver. Expect a percentage booster for the Giants, by 58 points.

North are ever so upset by Brad Scott missing a few weeks with a back complaint, when I first heard that I thought he was talking about the players lack of backbone after they folded like the proverbial house of cards in the second half against the Pies last week. Leading by 6 goals at half time they fell in screaming heap and went down by 3 goals after letting in 9 goals to 0 in the third quarter. Ouch. So while Scotty has looked grumpy in his pressers it isn’t just his teams lack lustre, unpredictable form that’s been giving him the irrits. I hope he’s back (pun) soon. Meanwhile West Coast have to travel from Perth to Tassie for this one, I think they go via Bali as it’s cheaper and faster with time zones and stuff. I mean, they’re not taking “stuff” with them, nobody would go to Bali with “stuff”......I digress. The Weagles dismantled the Cats last week having 40 shots on goal and Nic Nat took a contender, well, pretty much THE mark of the year. I don’t care who you support, you want this bloke to be BOG in more games than not one year as he is more dynamic than any big man we have ever seen, and his name’s Nic Nat. Can the up and down Roos bring an “up” for this contest against the Eagles who have surprised many with a spot in the top 4? Who knows, all we can do is predict the Eagles will show up ( if they get there ) and the Kangas might. Eagles by 22.

The Saints have surprised a few this year, me at the head of the list, I didn’t see them winning many games at all but St. Nick still has it and David Armitage has stepped up in the midfield to be pushing for AA honors. He’s had more touches than Nat Fyfe and is top 10 for contested and uncontested possessions in the league, that’s pretty bloody remarkable when you think about it. Of course, unless he gets it in contested space and handballs it out to himself, which is even more remarkable. Lucky I remarked upon it. The Hawks took care of business in Tassie after the Suns had their wine and cheese evening, the Hawks welcomed skipper Hodge back and he looked like he enjoyed his weeks off returning with 30 touches and a goal. Bog standard numbers for the bloke. He goes alright. With the Saints still hitting the scoreboard they offer something for opposing teams to think about, but they bleed, they’ve got the 16th ranked defence, Hawthorn have the second best offence. So while the Hawks should win, it might be an entertaining contest under the roof where the Saints will try and outscore the Hawks. In a high scoring affair, Hawthorn by 27points.

We come to holiday Monday football with the Demons hosting the Pies. The Demons looked sharp then awful in the space of half an hour in Alice Springs last week, coach Roos was scathing on a few blokes saying “they haven’t been able to get over the past”. Well, Paul, if you’re past was as harrowing as what these blokes have been through over the last few years you can excuse them for taking more than a couple of counselling sessions to get over it. The scars will take a long time to heal. The Pies might be without Bucks who is having his hamstring tended to by Eddie after a game of touch. No, it wasn’t just the two of them at Ed’s place in the spa, but I can see how you could draw that assumption. The Pies are looking stronger than expected in a season that is throwing up plenty of surprises. The Demons were dead set terrible in the second half last week and it would be more than a miracle to see them pull themselves off the canvas to upset the ‘Pies on Lizzie’s Birthday. Collingwoods forward line is taking some shape around the two big blokes and Elloitt defies size by taking big grabs week after week. He’s a good one to watch. The hot ‘Pies by 39 points.

Take that for what it’s worth, I didn’t do any previews last week. ( But I got 7 )

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Post by Thiele on Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:10 pm

Welcome Back

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Post by Paul on Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:53 pm

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