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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:18 pm

We’re about to start.

First thing Wednesday morning will be our official launch. What to look forward to? A comprehensive look at each team’s prospects will start with Norwood, North and West. The Tribunal will rate where each team stands right now. There’ll be some other General Discussion topics and some others to make you think.

This forum is about you, though. We want to hear your thoughts and comments. Let’s all have some fun and some good discussion. Let’s stick up for our team, but perhaps learn a bit about the other teams as well. Let’s hear about your experiences following your favourite team and read about others.

It’s a great chance to be a starting member of not just a new forum, but a new way of enjoying a forum. We’ll try to moderate fairly, but we’ll err on the side of keeping things respectful and friendly. We’ll all disagree about lots of things and that’s the way it should be, but we’ll have fun doing so. Everyone is welcome, everyone starts fresh and we’ll be making the site a troll-free zone as much as possible.

We’re not out to challenge other sites for numbers or advertising, we just want to provide an opportunity for SANFL fans to enjoy good discussion about our game and its players.

Can you start new topics? Sure can, that’s what we want.

Can you suggest people for a future interview? Yes, we’ll do our best to get the interview. We won’t always succeed, but we’ll try.

We’re excited. It’s up to all of us to make it work, so let’s wish ourselves luck and look forward to a fun future.

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