First win for GWS

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First win for GWS Empty First win for GWS

Post by Ben W on Sun May 13, 2012 9:59 pm

Absolutley Chuffed to see GWS win over the Gold Coast! - Especially since I was the only one at work that tipped them! - I tipped them because I watched their game against the Western Bulldogs, where they effectivley dominated the first half of the game and did enough in my mind to suggest that they were not to far away from a win.

What I have noticed is that despite losing, they havent had the thrashings that the Gold Coast had when they were inducted last season, yet its interesting to note that many rate their list as not being as good as GC!...

I suspect it has to do with Kevin Sheedy and Mark Williams being a very good combination in the Coaching Box, people forget that Williams had the best win loss ratio in the AFL for some time as a Senior Coach. Given that he wasnt in charge of Recruiting at Port and that Port have done far worse since he left, it could be that GWS have bagged themselves someone that is the right person for the job at the right time.

How the loss will be taken over at the Gold Coast will be interesting to see, will be a game to watch I suspect when GC get a go at Melbourne, one of them has to finally bag a win!
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