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Post by Brucetiki on Fri Jan 25, 2019 9:39 am

Chambo Off To Work We Go wrote:Co-captains?

Is this a big deal or just recognition of Sloane's contribution?

Apparently it was Pike's call but he did consult Tex for his opinion.

I am not really sure that it provides much additional clout to the leadership as that is largely governed by how blokes act.

This co-captain model has been tried a few times by various clubs, but I can't see a lot of benefit to it.

Wouldn't work for Port as you can't have two number 0.5s.... Arrow Arrow

The AFLW side has had co-captains from the outset, with a fair amount of success with it.

I see no issue with it being extended to the men's side - especially with two players of the like of Tex and Sloane.

Only a Cornes could get outraged over that

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