Consecutive weeks played to win a premiership

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Consecutive weeks played to win a premiership Empty Consecutive weeks played to win a premiership

Post by spell_check on Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:45 pm

Historically, the final four had a bye for the winner of the first semi, or a bye for the second semi final combatants. This year, both semi finals were on the same weekend.
In the early days, state matches were played a couple of weeks out from the finals.
There have been byes from 1901-1920 and 1991-2013. Also, to pad out the season from 2014 onwards, split rounds and "byes", such as 2016, when 2 teams at a time would miss a week.
So, the likely most number of consecutive weeks would have to come from the 1973-1990 period, and the premiership winner would have had to play four finals. However, split rounds also played a part there too.

Therefore, we have a new category leader this year:
17 - 2020 Eagles
15 - 1976 Sturt
11 - 1978 Norwood
11 - 1986 Glenelg

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