Jm Deane AFL Hall of fame.

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Jm Deane AFL Hall of fame. Empty Jm Deane AFL Hall of fame.

Post by blueandwhite on Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:41 pm

Im sure I'm not alone when I applaud the AFLs decision to induct Jim Deane into the AFL hall of fame- albeit maybe 20 yrs overdue. Unfortunately I never saw Jim play but those whom I have spoken to that witnessed his brilliance, have to a person said he was talented, brilliant, skillful and unscrupulously fair.
I was lucky  to share a table at a South Presidents lunch at Noarlunga sometime before he passed away in 2010. Jim was pretty frail at the time, but he got to his feet, walked around the table and introduced himself to all the other guests at his table.It's not like an ol Southie like yours truly didnt know he was!! My lunch went cold as I hung on every word he said that day..

His career  coincided with one of South Adelaide's' darkest periods , South Adelaide were cellar dwellers in most years in the 50s. The fact that Jim managed to win 2 Magarey medals, 1953,1957 ; and was runner -up in 1949-1950-& 1951 during these dark times . The fact that he was able to attract so many votes over the years in a team that was always at the bottom of the table is remarkable.

1949 - South won 7 games- Magarey medal runner up

1950 - South won 0 games- Magarey medal runner up

1951 - South won 1 game - Magarey medal runner -up

1953 - South won 5 games - won Magarey medal

1957 - South won 2 games- won Magarey medal

The other factor to consider when one looks at Jim Deane's career is that he played at the same time as multiple Magarey winners in Hank, Head, Quinn and Fitzgerald who went on to win 10 Magarey medals between them- so competition to win a medal was particularly keen.
A great player and an even greater bloke.

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Jm Deane AFL Hall of fame. Empty Re: Jm Deane AFL Hall of fame.

Post by Scrappy on Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:30 pm

I never saw Jimmy Deane play football
But I have heard him as a commentator
I consider JD the best SANFL commentator Ive heard
Just listening to him made me feel like I was at the game

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