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Nut jobs out there  Empty Nut jobs out there

Post by mickyj on Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:21 pm

Just a warning . Was flicking a lure down the Pat this morning .
I noticed this teenager on a BMX bike . I was flicking and walking he went past me on the footpath above me then he came down on the grass behind me . I kept stopping looking making certain he wasn’t near me when I was casting .
He went up the grass onto the footpath on his BMX
Mumbling at me and looking at me he was just there not moving .
He kept mumbling I said what
He got upset then got louder how would you like those hooks in your mouth What I said
He kept going I’m going to rip those hooks off and put them in your mouth would you like to feel hooks in your mouth . The fish don’t like the hooks I’m going to put those hooks in your mouth would you like it I said what are you talking about
At this time two locals were approaching
This nutter said have a nice day and rode off
So if your down the Pat or Glenelg North and see a teenager on a BMX bike light brown hair glasses dressed in all brown with a large bike helmet be careful
He’s either off his meds on illegal drugs or a just a nutter

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