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Post by mickyj on Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:21 am

Is it just me or due to the legal industrial court and a work cover claim possibly hanging over my head .
Just seems public hospital doctors don’t really take an interest .
I’ve heard a lot of times yeah just accept move on and if they find out it’s legal goodbye
My GP is good .
But as an example due to my head fractures (6) with my brain injury . I was an outpatient at the old RAH in the ENT department. Just before the rah move the doctor didn’t have a clue what to do about me . So the RAH paid for me to go to a private ENT clinic all tests I’ve had done before but with 21 st century equipment. I went back to the RAH doctor said ok accept you will never have smell or taste ( already new that ) accept you have some hearing loss goodbye .
Now move forward 12 months for the court case one of the independent specialists I’ve been sent to tells me he can’t asess me without going to a clinic that costs $600 my lawyer said yes go for it .
I got a lift to the city I was hang on I’ve been here before . Yep same clinic most of the same tests same technician. Results she couldn’t legally tell me but was shocked exactly 12 months to day I’ve lost more hearing in my injured ear but she was really shocked the RAH did nothing .
Is it just my situation
Or is everyone in the same boat
Once these government doctors hear legal goodbye

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