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Which State Team? Empty Which State Team?

Post by Chambo Off To Work We Go on Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:58 pm

The 1963 SA State Team has been lauded many times for their efforts in defeating the VICS by 7 points in front of a parochial Victorian crowd of 59,260 patrons at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 15 June 1963.

A refresher on the SA team;

FB - Fred Bills (W. Torr) - Bob Hammond (N. Adel) - Bob Shearman (W. Torr - capt)
HB - Ken Eustice (W. Adel) - Jeff Bray (W. Adel) - Geoff Motley (P. Adel)
C -  Barry Barbary (W. Torr) - John Halbert (Sturt) - John Cahill (P. Adel)
HF - Lindsay Head (W. Torr) - Ian Hannaford (P. Adel) - Brian Sawley (Norwood)
FF - Harry Kernahan (Glenelg) - Neil Hawke (W. Torr) - Robert Oatey (Norwood)
FOL-  Bill Wedding (Norwood)-  Neil Kerley (W. Adel) - Jeff Potter (Port Adel)
19th, 20th, Em.-  Robert Day (W. Adel) - Don Lindner (N. Adel) - Ron Benton (W. Adel)
COACH Fos Williams (P. Adel)

I only ever saw a few of the 1963 players in the latter half of their careers, but it was a cracking side.

And 21 years later the 1984 SA State of Origin Team
that met under lights at Football Park Tuesday 15 May, 1984 @ 8:00pm but lost to the VICS by a measely 4 points.
I was there at that game and what a pearler it was. So much state pride and a crowd of 52719 united as one.

FB - Robin White (SA) - Max Parker (W) - Martin Leslie (Pt Ad)
HB - Tony Giles (Pt Ad) - Greg Phillips (Pt Ad) - Dwayne Russell (Pt Ad)
C -  Greg Anderson (Pt Ad) - Craig Bradley (Pt Ad) - Grant Fielke (WA)
HF - John Schneebichler (SA) - Peter Motley (St) - Neville Roberts (N)
FF - Mark Naley (SA) - Stephen Kernahan (G) - Gary McIntosh (N)
FOL-  Mike Redden (NA) - Neil Craig (St) - John Platten (CD)
RES - Robin McKinnon (SA) - Lee Robson (WT) - Russell Johnston (Pt Ad)
COACH Neil Kerley (WA)

Kernahan kicked his lazy 10 in the 1984 game and cemented his ticket to the VFL big league.
Note 4 of the SA side were recruited to Carlton 2 years later by the legendary Jack Elliott. Kernahan, Bradley, Motley and Naley.
Big Jack had quite a fat cheque book.
10 of the players in the side went onto successful VFL careers.

And Neil Kerley had a part in both sides.

Father / son combos from both sides: Harry & Steve Kernahan / Geof & Peter Motley

8 Magarey Medals in the '63 side and 6 in the '84 side.

RIP State of Origin
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