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Post by Booney on Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:50 pm

After a week in absentia visiting old Melbourne town for a week, no, not to escape the fall out from GWS belting Port ( mind you, it didn’t hurt ), round 6 throws up some tantalising and not so flavoursome offerings.

North v Bulldogs –

FNF kicks off with a belter, unbeaten Kangas up against the second placed Bulldogs in a top ‘o the table clash. Offers an interesting match up, the Kangas have the best attack with 611 points for in the first 5 weeks ( avg 122 ppg ) against the league’s best defence with the Dogs conceding 283 points in the 5 games ( 56 measly ppg ) and differing styles of play.

The Roos are grunt at the moment, guys like Cunnington, Ziebell and Swallow spreading the load with contested possessions and tackles and they aren’t doing it alone, no one Roos player stands out above the rest in any of the hard nut stats, means they are all doing their bit playing team football. Also getting plenty of marks inside 50, 13 per game. Waite, Petrie and Brown doing their bit. Wells back in fine fettle and looks to have added some much missed pace around the ball for them.

The Dogs have got North and Adelaide in the next two weeks to see how they’ll fare without Bob, Johannisen and Suckling bouncing out of the back half. Three very important cogs in this machine that last week kept the fairly inept Brisbane midfield to just 31 I50’s. That’s about once every 3 minutes inside 50, that Dogs midfield slid back and blocked space 70-80m from goal and the Lions couldn’t get in there. Will be interesting how they hole the Roos big boys out of this one.

Roos in top form, Dogs missing a few, Dogs small down back compared to the tall 3 and I think they’ll be the difference. Kangas by 14 points in a good one.

Melbourne v St Kilda –

Presses running hot with the back-to-back wins t-shirts for the Demons fans, get your hands on them collectors of useless things. The Saints are not having anywhere near as much fun, just one win for the year.

Can you imagine the feeling Melbourne fans have at the moment? 2 wins in a row for them and we’ve had 9 Prime Ministers since the last time they did it, which actually isn’t all that long. The big ugly git is leading them in the rucks, Gawn is making a claim as one of the best big men in the game and his challenger this week, Hickey, is developing. Melbourne 4th for contested possies, some young hard heads in the middle are doing the tough stuff and Viney leads the way. Averaging 16 contested possies a week of his teams 152, 20 more than the Saints. The team now averaging over 100 ppg in ’16. ‘Coz they’re winning it in tight.

The Sainters have been close, but not close enough and they get their bunnies this week, they’ve won the last 12 against the Demons going back to 2007. That’s a long time to be someone’s bitch. Hickey is making some progress and his battle with Gawn will go a long way to deciding this one, will it be enough to get the Saints enough shots on goal to win? That will be their problem. The Saints get lots of the ball, third most in the comp, use it well, third best disposal efficiency in the comp, just can’t get it where it matters. 14th for I50’s.

Melbourne, 1 win in their last 23 at Etihad, haven’t beaten the Saints in the last 12 match ups, heady heights of 3 in a row for the Demons....or will the Etihad curse get them? Melbourne, by 18 points.

Adelaide v Fremantle –

Free kick, Hawthorn and hasn’t the sulking gone on and on and on? Anyone would think the Crow faithful are blaming the umps for that one. Meanwhile West is far from best, the Shockers drop one at home to Carlton to go 0-5, without giving my tip away, soon to be 0-6.

Taking on all comers at the moment and only the Roos and Hawks, class outfits, have beaten them. Still need to tighten up in defence, sure they’re scoring from the back half but when they turn it over the opposition get I50 pretty easily as they scamper back. Adelaide with the most rebound 50’s in the league, sides get behind them, but they also turn this into attack and can hurt you really badly from the wing to goal face in the blink of a David McKay eye looking at someone closing in on him. Boo!

What can we make of Ross’ losses other than the sytem stinks more than a feed of sushi at the footy. Pretty much dead last in all the attacking numbers, 18th for I50’s, 16th for points for, 14th for contested possession, 17th for total disposals and now without Fyfe, Sandilands and Johnson for extended periods of time. It doesn’t look like turning anytime soon. Beware a wounded champion, but these guys have never been the champion.

I reckon this one is set to be dead set ugly, Fremantle will just sit back and take a pounding from Adelaide’s mids and half backs and I can see Adelaide winning by 80+ here. Freo have won the last 4, matters zilch here, Adelaide by plenty. Could be triple figures. 90 points.

GWS v Hawthorn –

The Giants touched up Port and St Kilda to make it 3-2 and sit inside the 8 and make a claim at a finals berth as the masters did what they had to, when they had to, running over the Crows with the last 3 goals of the night.

The Giants have something they’ve been wanting for a while now, games under the belts of Coniglio and Greene making their best and worst footy not that far apart, maturity does that. Scully and Griffen are still full of run and Shiel, Ward and Kelly make for a fleet of quick outside mids. They get the ball out wide and move it with speed, this makes them the second best I50 side in the comp, now they’ve got chances to score and they’re taking it. 5th best attack, 4th best defence, good balance across the ground. Still liking the look of Lobb, coming along nicely.

Down, but not out. 3 wins by 3 points and the Hawks get the job done when it needs doing. As noted in the Adelaide preview, these guys turned Adelaide around, Poppy and Delicious turning it on with 9 sausage rolls between them. Again Sicily impressed, one mark he took was up against Lever and Talia, no mugs, he out bodied them both and clunked it. Good form. Gunston kept fairly quiet, someone made Gibson accountable, not much from McEvoy and Ceglar, still win. Divine intervention?

Tough one to pick, the Hawks are far from their best, the Giants are far from the best....can the Hawks make it 4 in a row or the Giants keep a spotless record at Spotless? Giants, why not, by 3 points.

Richmond v Port –

If FNF is a tantalising prospect this one has **** sandwich written all over it. Richmond are stinking it up all over the place and the Tigger train is grinding to a halt and Port cough up the pill faster than a kid on a capsule. Urrghh.

I’ll wrap both teams up in one. Port take the least amount of marks in the competition ( total and I50 ), cough it up with clangers all over the place and get burnt with it going the other way as they are currently 18th for disposal efficiency, the once strength of this side. Richmond just stink, bar the win over the Blues in round 1 they’ve been winless, they lay less tackles than any team, 18th for 1%’ers, they’ve got no ticker at the moment. It shows with those numbers, no hustle at all. Port, with all the balls ups, do more 1%’ers than anyone else. Despite copping more than his fair whack, Lobbe is 6th in the competition for hit outs, with the Tigers best, Hampson, the least productive lead ruckman going around. Mind you, he goes to bed with Megan Gale so like he gives a ****. Maric will provide more resistance, but might be a bit flat after just one run at this level for the year. Port have at least played a couple of solid quarters this year, the Tigers not really. If Port piece together an hour of close to their best, they win.

Without Rance down back the Tigers will struggle with Dixon and Westhoff getting a chance to find some ball in the air, if the backs and mids don’t turn it over on the way. Fair dinkum season over for the loser and rotten times for the supporters of that side. Port should make it 3-3 and win by about 4 goals. Too much on the line for Port here. *Please please please*

Geelong v Gold Coast –

The Catters got in the donnybrook with Port, then came out and clawed their way back into the game and played footy after ¼ time, good footy as the Coasters suffered at the hands of the Roos and lost more men in battle, hard times for the lads without some big names.

It’s tiring harping on about the Selwood and Dangerfield combination, but it is a duo worth discussing. A pair of hard nuts who know how to win it and both know how to work their way into a game when they’ve not been in it for a period of time. Can’t stand either of them. Stand out for me last week though was Menzel, highly rated family and with good reason. Good goal sense, smart movers and read the play, he’s a keeper for the Catters.

Man down! Lots of men down! 3-0 with Brisbane in front of them the Suns have fallen to 3-2 with a trip to the Cattery without the likes of O’Meara ( long term ), Prestia, Rischitelli, Saad and Swallow ( long term ). Take 5 men out of your best midfield mix and see how you go, these boys are sorely missed and it might be another long winter for the lads if the new faces can’t offer consistent efforts quarter by quarter and week to week. Lynch continues his ripping form, moves well, moves bodies, real target and good to watch.

A stretch to think the Suns can go to MGHJEIGJEHEIENAUJD Park and get the choccies. Warm milk and 4 points for the Cats, by 35 points.

Brisbane v Sydney –

Another ho-hum week for the Lions, a loss to the Doggies and barely any system moving the ball forward showed the gap between them and the pace setters. It’s a big gap. The Swannies enjoyed the wet track more than the Eagles and unearthed another rising star, Papley.

Not often a 30+ backman gets the B.O.G honours but Teddy Richards took this mantle on the weekend. Solid in defence, even took a screamer and snaffled a major for good measure. With the Swans “team defence” the back men are not often called upon to play major roles, when the midfield dominates on the small ground and the back can push up they get a chance to shine, Ted did. Get used to seeing Papley in the “Best” list for Sydney with Kennedey, Hannebery, Jack etc etc for some time to come.

Nothing to report here. Really, I mean nothing much to report here. Rebuilding, imagine pulling a pyramid down, moving it across an ocean, putting it up on a hill and then putting it back together. That sort of rebuilding, not just a few mature age recruits and we’ll be right type rebuild.

Paddler hosting a contender, $1.12 on Sydney looks generous at best. Swans forwards to have a day out on the little Lion cubs. 40+ points. ( Conservative )

Carlton v Essendon –

This has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it, you won’t want to watch....I mean miss this one. The Blues somehow ( how? ) went West and got their first win of the year by beating the Dockers as the Bombers had the week off and watched the ‘Pies run around on Anzac Day. Two in a row looms large for the Blues, but they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. The Bombers did beat the Dees and I think we all think the Dees are better than the Blues. ( The Dees will dead set rue that missed 4 points ).

15th v 17th doesn’t shape up for much more than a draft pick lost or won at the end of the year. Can you tank in round 6? If so, get your money on the Bombers. Bloody AFL keep us all waiting until 3:20 Sunday for this one. How will I fill in my weekend?

I’ll fill it in watching something else. Take the taste of Friday night out of your mouth with this one. The Blues by 18 points.

West Coast v Collingwood –

The Eagles have been bullies at home and weaklings away this year with the Hawks and Swans beating them away from home, not bad form in all reality, more about the way it’s happened than the “L”. Side by side they stood tall, the ‘Pies got their own big Cox ( not Eddie ) and had a field day in the Anzac Day “blockbuster”. Pfft.

Back on familiar turf with more room to move than at the SCG the Eagles will be looking to sure up a positive win/loss count by spreading their web over the Pies. Nic Nat will enjoy taking on Grundy more than he did former team mate Sinclair and Tippett, Priddis, Shuey and Gaff will find this midfield easier to break away from and Kennedy will get up and down and back again to run Reid and Frost off their feet. Look for the Eagles to take advantage of their skill in the air I50, they are take 15 marks I50 per game.

What a story the lanky yanky was, not that being 6’ 10” and getting a kick against Essendon would be impossible for any random lump from around the planet. Looks like he might be worth investing some time in though and it might keep Cloke in the magoos for at least another week, although 2 goals might also be close enough to “good form” to get him back in. Doubt it.

Eagles, Eagles, Eagles. Don’t take the $7 on offer for Collingwood even with someone elses money. Eagles flat tracking at home by 50 points.

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Round 6. Empty Re: Round 6.

Post by Gingernuts on Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:15 pm

A few tough ones in this round.

Feel like GWS could beat Hawthorn this week. By they're own admission they've been lucky the last few weeks, and GWS have started 2016 well apart from a slip up against Melbourne (who aren't playing terrible footy themselves really).

Other tough ones are St Kilda v Melbourne and Port v Richmond.

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