Freak new generation power athletes in the AFL

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Freak new generation power athletes in the AFL Empty Freak new generation power athletes in the AFL

Post by warbird on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:32 pm

One thing I've noticed recently in the AFL is that some of the players are becoming seriously awesome athletes, perhaps comparable to the linebackers in the NFL.

Perhaps the first of these was Anthony Koutoufides, the Carlton great, who stood at a muscular 6 ft 4, but could "run like Peter Matera, wrestle with Glen Jakovich, and jump like John Barnes". He was indeed a bit of a freak.

But I think we're starting to see more and more of his type. Probably Matthew Pavlich and Nick Riewoldt fit into a similar category, although both have spent most of their careers as key forwards.

But now we're starting to see the emergence of powerful midfielders like Marcus Bontempelli at Footscray, Patrick Cripps at Carlton, who are both 6 ft 4, and would have been assumed to be key position players in yesteryear. But these guys have elite running and ball-winning abilities, and play more like 6 ft blokes.

Two others that come to mind are Mark Blicsavs at Geelong, a former elite athlete, who is 6 ft 6, and can play anywhere on the field, including the ruck.

Another who impresses me is Josh Jenkins of the Crows, a former elite basketballer, turned Aussie Rules gun. Jenkins is 6 ft 7, but is also very quick and agile for his size, has vice-like hands, is an excellent finisher, and a quality second ruck to Jacobs.


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