The Penultimate Round - Round 22

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The Penultimate Round - Round 22 Empty The Penultimate Round - Round 22

Post by Booney on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:30 am

It’s nearly all over for 10 of the clubs, 9 are still in amongst it and it will go right down to the wire to decide the final 8. Some big games still to play out with a top 4 spot up for grabs, three of the top 4 in less than convincing form and two of the bottom half of the 8 flying. Will be an interesting shuffle over the next two weeks to see who v’s who and where and when.

( Short version with a trip away with the family at the end of the week )

Geelong v Collingwood

Big game for the Catters this week, win and stay alive, drop it and they’re gone. Good timing in a must win match to get the Pies. They’ve gone right off the boil in the last 10 weeks and it’s the talk of the town why they aren’t the talk of the town which I guess makes them the talk of the town, yes?

Although it’s 9th v 12th the Pies look like they’ve given up the ghost for 2015. They had nothing to play for but pride last week and they couldn’t even muster up an effort deserving of it, the captain even thought as much.Would expect the Cats to hold sway here, they’ve got September action to keep alive and the Pies are cooked. Geelong by 22 points.

GWS v Carlton

The first of the dead rubbers, the Giants face the Blues at Spotless. The Giants are paddling now, losses to Port and a big one to Sydney and they look like they’re viewing 2016 as a playing group while the Blues have Johnny Barker steer them through the next two weeks until Bolton takes over. The Blues pumped the Dees last weekend, but it wasn’t much to boast about, Melbourne were rubbish.

The Giants have a better defence, a better attack and a midfield very capable. The Blues haven’t got any of that, but they do have a bit of ticker from time to time. Can’t see the Blues making it back to back wins, the Giants should be too good for them at home. Giants by 30.

Hawthorn v Brisbane

Unexpected loss to Port, skipper out for two weeks, no chance of second spot, it wasn’t a good Friday night for the Hawks. Speaking of not a good night, the Lions got smashed by Adelaide and now have to go to Tassie to take on the Hawks coming off a loss....youch.

This one has dead set ugly written all over it. The Hawks will want to bounce back hard from the loss to Port, the Lions are bottom and have no defence and the forwards struggle to score when schoolies isn’t on. I reakon this one might be a record breaker. Hawks, 100+

North Melbourne v Bulldogs

North are running hot against bottom 8 sides (and Fremantle) winning 7 on the trot and the Bulldogs got the chills when they got kicked outside to play, the Eagles gave it to them in Perth. Both sides still have a sniff at 4th spot on the ladder and we’ll excuse the Dogs form from last week as a hiccup. Back under the roof this time around.

So, is the Roos form sound enough or are the Doggies good enough to bounce back from last week? Will be a huge effort to bounce back, the Roos might be due a down week though. Pretty tough one to pick here. Can the Bulldogs forward line be held down two weeks in a row? I’ll go the Roos here, but not with any confidence. 10 points.

Essendon v Richmond

So close, yet still so far for the Bombers last week, they nearly pulled one off up on the Goldy last weekend as the Tigers gave it to the Magpies, two fingers up to Dustin Martin, who wouldn’t want to give it back to the Collingwood faithful? Can you imagine the eloquent constructive criticism coming from the Pies cheer squad.

Richmond had a little lapse against Adelaide but got back on track in the last fortnight, I expect them to be far too good for the Bombers who are just two games away from finishing up another horrid year. The Tigers to keep the race for 4th well and truly alive, by 38 points.

Gold Coast v Port

The kids just held on last week, the Bombers had every right to take the 4 points away, the Suns just holding on while Port made it a complete season of frustration by rolling the Hawks for the second time this year. “Where has this been all year?” asked the biggest membership base of an SA AFL club. 

The Suns seemed to have got some momentum, draw with West Coast, beat the Lions, smashed by Richmond, beat the Bombers while Port played the most complete game of their season to date never really letting the Hawks into the contest. Port getting some return on the Ryder investment, clearly he is now Ports’ #1 ruckman. What does the future hold for Lobbe then? Port should win, and win comfortably on the Coast on Saturday night. Port by 49 points.

Adelaide v West Coast

Match of the round, with the Kangas the two in form teams of the comp, both kicking big scores, both winning plenty of ball in the middle. Big contest with Jacobs having to match Naitanui, not an easy task and one Jacobs usually struggles with. Plenty of third/fourth/fifth man up in this one.

Adelaide have struggled against the Bulldogs, Hawthorn and West Coasts “team defence” system and Adelaide’s back 6/7, while in good form, haven’t been tested by anyone for a while, the last time they were it was Sydney and they were too good for Adelaide by some way. The Crows will like their chances, the Eagles will too. I think both sides have the class up forward to continue to score big, Adelaide have all too often in recent season failed when faced with a big test, quite often skills under pressure in the midfield and the Eagles zone will put plenty of pressure on the Adelaide ball users. Not sure the Adelaide defence has the tools to hold the Eagles. West Coast by 26 points.

St Kilda v Sydney

A draw is as good as a win if you’re St Kilda, not if you’re a Catter though and Sydney are just getting some momentum in the last month as they start to get some return on their Kurt Tippett investment. He’s come good in the last month playing predominantly as a ruckman. Still bagged 5 last week though.

Now, the Saints show some heart, they really do have some ticker this group as evidenced by their draw last week, they don’t give in but it’s a touch of class they lack. No glaring weakness, just they drop away from their best 8-10 pretty quickly. The Swans on the other hand have plenty of top end talent and most of them are in good form. Kennedy and Hannebery the two to run riot in this one. The Swans can hold 4th spot with a win here and they will, by 37 points.

Fremantle v Melbourne

Two losses on the trot for the top of the table Dockers, Fyfe missing, not an ideal lead into the finals series for them. However, they’ve got at least one home final stitched up so they’ll be comfortable building towards September as the Dees crashed as low as you can last week, getting pumped by Carlton. It was really poor from Melbourne, they’ll have more of a crack this week if they have any pride in their own performances.

Feel for Melbourne this week. Having to go all the way West, not much to play for and the Dockers won’t want to make it 3 losses on the trot and will be hell bent on getting back to their style of play, dictating terms to the opposition and Melbourne will be more than willing to listen. The Dockers, by 50 points.

Wednesday night work so no teams named yet, you’ll need to find the Ins/Outs yourself. I can confirm though Hodge out, Fyfe out, Bolton in as the biggest news of the week.


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