Dustin Martin Defends His “Houso War Dance”

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Dustin Martin Defends His “Houso War Dance” Empty Dustin Martin Defends His “Houso War Dance”

Post by Ben W on Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:08 pm

From the article,

"Richmond Tiger’s midfielder Dustin Martin has vowed to fight the AFL’s investigation into his two-fingered salute towards Collingwood supporters with the “Goodsie defence”.

During Collingwood’s 91-point fingering by the Tigers last Sunday, Martin gave the Magpie’s supporters a couple extra digits to think about, after copping three-quarters of consistent abuse from the crowd.

Martin defended his gesture as an expression of his blue collar Australian cultural heritage, and termed it a “traditional war dance”.

“I came up in Campbelltown and Castlemaine. When any c*** was kickin (sic) off back home, the prongs would come up, no worries ’nuff said,” Martin told the Betoota Advocate.

“My old man is a Kiwi and me mum’s Aussie, so showing people where they can sit is a part of my cultural heritage.”

Associate Professor in Cultural Studies at Melbourne University, Chris Healy agrees that telling people to “get f***ed” is an ingrained part of Anglo-Australian culture".

Continued at - http://www.betootaadvocate.com/headlines/dustin-martin-defends-his-houso-war-dance/
Ben W
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Dustin Martin Defends His “Houso War Dance” Empty Re: Dustin Martin Defends His “Houso War Dance”

Post by Chambo Off To Work We Go on Thu Aug 27, 2015 9:16 am

This is why the afl has opened a can of worms in pushing this cultural / racial debate in this direction.

The line of good propriety can be so hugely blurred or moved to wherever they want it, that ultimately, will anybody know what is sacred and what is not?

Are we going to discuss whether you can throw imaginary spears but not fingers?

Hmm....could get even uglier yet.
Chambo Off To Work We Go
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