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Post by Booney on Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:18 am

Did anybody see Richmond rolling the Hawkers? Did anybody see Gold Coast sharing the spoils with West Coast? Did anybody see the Demons handing the Collywobbles another loss making it 6 on the trot? Probably not, but in the end that’s exactly what unfolded and it made tipsters all around the country nervous, wondering if any more “sure things” would fall over on the weekend. No further damage to a round most thought “I’ll get the 9 this week”.

Adelaide v Richmond

So FNF features, for something different, the Tigers. This time though they head to Adelaide to face the Crows at Adelaide Oval in front of what should be a full house. With the Tigger train resembling one of those Indian locomotives you see on crappy pages, there will be plenty of yellow and black in the streets of Adelaide this weekend.

Adelaide honoured Adam Goodes last week by deciding not to show up to play either. They were woeful early and didn’t get much better after that. Smashed in possessions ( over 120 less ), smashed in clearances ( 40-30 ), I50’s ( 55-46 ) and the worst part, tackles ( 56-38 ). If the opposition get 120 more touches than you do you should be tackling more than them. Adelaide’s coaching staff would have been filthy at just 38 tackles for the night and Mackay, Thompson, Sloane and Hartigan had 21 of them! 7 Crows failed to wrap their loving arms around a Sydney player, 6 of them managed a warm embrace just the once. Not good enough intent for a side who would have fancied their chances when they got on the plane Friday afternoon. It’s hard to be critical of the Adelaide playing group mindset at any time for the remainder of 2015, but that wasn’t a performance any of them would have been proud of.

Richmond, are they flying or what? They’ve shown that they can really match it with the best, they’ve now beaten Fremantle, Sydney and Hawthorn on the “big stage” of FNF. The other top 8 contenders might just hope to catch them in another time slot in the major round, they love the big Friday night clash. They blitzed the Hawks from the outset, they had 3 goal to nothing at ¼ time, kicked the next to open up a 25 point lead. The Hawks kicked the next 5 then the Tigers stopped them again. 5 goals to 2 after half time. So, how did they do it? One was efficiency. 10 Tigers went at 75%+ disposal efficiency. They kept the ball off the Hawks. (They kept the Hawks to their lowest uncontested mark tally of the year) 18 Tigers went at better than 60%. That’s great ball use. They didn’t score heavily, just 10 goals while keeping the Hawks down to 7. It was a top shelf performance from a side who could sneak 4th spot with any luck.

In/Out – Douglas a loss for Adelaide, former skipper van Berlo comes back in, Lloyd dropped for Hampson, Richmond adding some height to counter Jacobs.

So can Adelaide turn around last week’s effort to something capable of matching a side set to play at least one week of finals or are they in for another touch up from a top 4’ish team? I think the Tiggers will be too much for the Crows to handle. Richmond by 29 points.

Collingwood v Carlton

Match of the round stuff here. Packed house at the G for Saturday afternoon football. I kid.

Collingwood made it 6 on the trot, losses that is, against the lowly Demons to add more pain to their mid-season slump. 8-3 one minute, nek minnut 8-9. Ouch....there’ll be a heap of Pies fans going “Oh, yeah, that’s where we expected to be with this squad, young list, just out the 8”. Not at 8-3 they weren’t! They were thinking finals footy, now they’re hoping to just beat Carlton. They lost Cloke a couple of weeks ago and none of the key forwards have really stood up since. Moore tried his best last week, got held to 6 touches this week. Swanny tried his best, 36 touches, Fasolo chipped in with 3 majors, not much else to write home about after that. Few highlights from the match other than Eddie, Shawy and Strawny in the black and white commentary box looking like lost souls at the final siren. Heart warming stuff.

Carlton had another forgettable performance on Saturday night, bar the second quarter ( 5 goals ) they offered hardly anything else in the match. 1 goal in each of the other 3 quarters and just 37 I50’s for the night shows they didn’t get anything meaningful forward of centre. Everitt did what he could in the F50 to get things going, 6 marks, 3 goals and 3 I50’s is a good return from very limited supply. It’s going to be a long 5 weeks to see the season out for Blues players and fans as the board look to who will be the next coach they sack. Again skipper Murphy led the way, he’s copped some flack this year but I reakon most of it is not warranted. Like the skipper on the Titanic, he can only do so much.

In/Out – 4 dropped at the Collywobbles, Blair and Reid big ins, Menzel and Yarran dumped for being naughty, Walker a solid inclusion.

Surely, surely Collingwood win this one? Pies by 19 points.

Bulldogs v Port

The sly little Doggies, they’ve slipped into 5th spot ahead of the media backed Tigers (Who knew?) on the back of 4 wins from their last 5 outings while Port have built some form at the wrong end of the season winning 3 of the last 5 and losing the other two by 10 and 3 points.

The Doggies continue to surprise, it has to be a surprise that they are 5th in August. Nobody would have had them fighting for a top 4 spot with a month to go, not even the most ardent of Dogs fans. While some wins in recent weeks haven’t been much to write home about the total domination of the shot down/up Bombers last week was one that long suffering fans would have loved. 15 goal wins over the big Melbourne clubs haven’t been seen at Whitten Oval for a long, long time. In fact, it might only be Grandma at Xmas time managing to regale stories of former glories in between long necks of VB that remind the young Dogs fans that they did indeed have good times to celebrate. The defence is holding strong, Beverage using his time under Clarkson to implement a similar zone defence where no defender really has a man, they work on the theory of 7 defenders beating 6 forwards whenever the ball comes down. And it’s working.

Port trounced the under manned Saints in Adelaide on Sunday. Mrs. Boon came to her first game of footy, just 22 years after I first asked her to join me. I guess I understand, it’s a bit like her asking me to fix the fly screen on the bathroom window. No need to remind me every 6 months about it, I know it needs doing. She quite enjoyed the two Jim Beam cans for $15, I didn’t really get any feedback about the footy.
Port continued some decent form with Chad Wingard bagging another 4 goals, 8 weeks of 3 goals+ probably ensuring another AA spot for the young gun and putting him well in contention for another B&F, could be 2 of each in his first 4 years at the highest level. At 8-9 finals are a long, long shot but a win here and 9-9 and it’s still season alive. Young bull Ollie Wines popped his shoulder and will miss the remainder of the year which pretty much puts any hopes on a sneaky finals berth out the window.

In/Out – Both sides hurt, Murphy out “sore” and Wines out “sorer”. Jong and Impey come in.

I think both sides will be looking forward to this one. Another challenge for Port in a season of stop/start footy and a good test for the Doggies, a win here will frank the form of the last few weeks for them. Heart says Port are a chance, head agrees, but only an outside chance. Dogs by 14 points in a high scoring affair.

Lions v Suns –

The Q Clash. The “who cares” clash. In fact, even the AFL don’t care much for this one with the league trailing 4 field umpires in a season proper fixture for the first time. Perfect timing to do so. Two sides in rubbish form who makes lots of errors, what could go wrong? 150 free kicks, that’s what could go wrong! Which will be interesting as these two sides are the bottom two for possessions.

The Lions got their claws right into the wooden spoon last weekend with another lamentable performance, this time down at the Cattery going down by the standard 9 goals+. It’s been a rotten year for Brisbane, injuries took their toll on a thin list early, the youngsters had no confidence to take the game on, many probably fearing for their own position in the side and at times it hasn’t looked like they are playing as a team. Individuals looking after themselves. Speaking of this, looks like James Aish is indeed on the move. 19 years old, farg all games and he thinks he can say where he goes and for how much? Was good to hear the Lions CEO say they’ll send him where it suits them with draft picks or let him go to the draft if they can’t get adequate compensation. Fair enough too. Again it was big man Stefan Martin leading the way for the Lions.

It was all up for the Suns last week, a draw giving them their best result for months and that was without the little master being present, it’s not since they rolled Collingwood late last year when Ablett was injured that they’ve given a performance like this one, one to be proud of. Two weeks in a row Lynch has been really impressive, not just his mark and goal late in the game but his mobility around the ground and return for effort in front of goals. Only 10 touches and 5 marks and 3 I50s, but 4.1 in a low scoring game proved to be the biggest impact on the game by any individual. Bennell racked them up again, touches that is and looks to have put his head down and bum up since his return. He might be adding to any trade stocks he has if the Suns decide to part company.

In/Out – Beams and Leuenberger out injured, McGuane and Evans come in while Glenn is dropped and Rischitelli comes back in for the Suns.

I don’t think this one is too hard to pick, the Suns drawing with the Eagles is better than anything the Lions have done this decade, they touched up the Lions like an American dentist in round 5 by 54 points. In the Q clash V2 / 2015, the Suns, by 44 points.

Geelong v Sydney

So it was win/win last weeks for these two, the Cats extending their winning run to 3 while the Swannies got back to some form by rolling Adelaide in Sydney after a fortnight to forget. Makes for an interesting one here, the Cats might just fancy their chances.

The Catters have got some form going in the last month and it coincides with a couple of blokes playing some of their best footy of the year. Motlop has been excellent since the midseason break, Guthrie and Caddy have been consistent and Johnson ( insert another brain fade here ) has found some goal kicking form. Johnson, reportedly grabbed on the Johnson by former Cat Christensen lashed out and copped another one week holiday. Does he have a place on the coast or something? He seems to like a weekend or two off every year to get away from the rat race. Walker bagged 5 in his best showing for the year and looks like he will be given the opportunity to cement his spot in the next month and to help Hawkins up forward and the club will be hoping he can do so. With McIntosh retiring, Clarke in and out with his battles the Cats could do with a second target.

King Kurt arrived! He’s taken 3 years (almost) to front his former club and didn’t the big galoot enjoy it? His best effort for the year, 19 touches, 3 goals, 25 hitouts, he was doing it all. Now if he can just do it for another 4 years he might pay back the Swannies some of their investment. The Swans got back to Swans ways, which the other top 4 contenders would not be happy about. Pressure on the ball carrier, Hannebery, McVeigh, Mitchell, Rampe and Kennedy all had 32 touches or more. Good one Adelaide, run those blokes into form. How good was Hannebery though? 40 touches, 3 goals, 10 marks. The surprising number is his outside work, 30 uncontested possessions, a slightly different role for the bloke and Adelaide’s midfield didn’t deal with it.

In/Out – Stevie J off to the beach house, Smedts dumped, Goodes come back in for Franklin (back – carrying sacks of money)

So, who’s in the better form? Well, 9 of the last 10 at Sleepy Hollow have been won by the Cats and I think they’re about as well placed as they have been all year to beat the Swans. Can they? I think they can. Will they? I’m not so sure and this one, for mine, is about the toughest one to pick of the weekend. The Swans, by 9 points.

West Coast v Hawthorn

You beauty, here it is. The two teams who everyone has been pitting as the teams to beat. What’s even better? Well, neither of them had a win last weekend. Sure, 2 points is better than none but the Eagles will be filthy they lost 2 points to the Suns while the Hawks will just keep doing what they do and backing themselves in despite a hiccup against the Tigers last weekend.

Not that numbers mean anything when the ball gets pumped into the couch of Domain on Saturday night, but how do they stack up?
West Coast average 381 touches, Hawthorn 397. ( 3rd and 1st ). Marks inside 50, WCE 13, Hawks 14. ( 1 and 2). Tackles, WCE 60 (16th) Hawks 64 (13th). Inside 50’s? WCE 56, Hawks 58. 1 and 2 in the comp. Disposal efficiency....WCE 74% and Hawks 75%. Again, 1 and 2 in the comp. Scores for? 15 and 16, yep, 1st and 2nd again.

These two really lead the way in all the exciting stats of the game, the way the ball is used with efficiency, moved forward with purpose and hitting the scoreboard. They both play zone defences where 7 defenders float around and pick off anything the opposition mids throw/kick at them.

Rebound 50’s? WCE 31 (18th) and the Hawks 32 (16th) so it’s not only the defenders picking it off, it’s also the midfielders......but the defenders move up to the midfield while the forwards lock the ball in and it’s as hard as nails to get through them to get the ball I50. If you manage to get that far into them, you can score, if I say...IF!

This one really does set up like a classic chess encounter. Both sides will chip around playing keepies off and when the moment arises they’ll whisk it forward to their potent forward lines. So who has the nerve, the resolve to hold the zone and then the skills to finish at the other end?

I can see Nic Nat having the advantage over Ceglar and McEvoy to give the Eagles first look. Perhaps the draw and loss by these two sides might have been because of an eye for this week, don’t tell me the “one week at a time” rubbish, sure, the Hawks wouldn’t have taken Richmond easily and West Coast know the Suns are capable but there’s no doubt both sides had an eye on this week.

In/Out – WCE drop Hutchings,Hill, Barrass and bring in Butler, McGovern, McGinnity while Hale is sore and Ceglar replaces him.

Seriously tough one to pick, the Hawks won’t like losing last week, in fact, they’ll like it less than Al Clarkson likes Wayne Carey. ( Crickey, was that intense! ) The Eagles will be keen to not only show their premiership credentials to the world this week but also keep the little buffer between them in second and the Hawks in third. Two home finals could be on the line here and if the Eagles win it then 1st and second will both be in the West come week one of finals. I’m going to back the Eagles here at home in a ripper by 5 points.

Melbourne v North

Well the Dees made our weekends last weekend, forget the one tip, everyone else picked Collingwood too, again the Dees surprise a more fancied opponent when nobody expected it while the Roos just ran around for a while and knocked the Blues over easily.

Bernice Vince is on fire ( $81 for the Brownlow, $20 for the place ) and again led the way for his Demons last week. 30 touches, 3 goals, while big Gawn had another solid outing with 32 hitouts, 17 touches and 6 marks. He’s a developing big man with a sound future ahead of him. Jack Watts has also developed this year, his 26 touches and goal with 2 goal assists important to the Demons who need anyone with a touch of class to show it and perform each and every week. Many punters, me included, have given Watts plenty but I think the rest of 2015 will show Watts and his knockers he can make it at this level long term. Jones, Viney, Cross and Tyson again got the engine room pumping for the Dees. If they keep that engine room purring and Jesse Hogan fit they’ve got the attacking nucleus to go places in the future. Now, just to get the defence holding up every week.

Was pretty easy going for the Roos last week. 10 blokes with 20+ touches, 20 more I50’s, more hitouts, tackles.....more everything than the Blues. Again it was the older brigade of Higgins, Dal Santo and Petrie with Ziebell leading the way. Clear AA ruckman Goldstein had another belter, he is in fantastic form. 40 hitouts, 14 touches, 2 goals.....he’s had several complete games this year where he’s done plenty all over the ground. Clearly the best big man in the comp at the moment. While plenty went right for the Roos last week quite a bit went wrong. Richmond won, Sydney won, the Dogs won, so instead of being equal 4th with the others mentioned they are still two games and 9% behind 4th. A top 4 spot might have been there for them, will be tough now.

In/Out – Sunday game to so only Ins – Jamar and Newton for the Dees and Hansen, Nahas and Daw among 5 ins for North. One Firrito with a small chips out suspended and Bastinac ditched.

North are set to play finals, they’ve been solid of late and are in good nick. No win here for the Dees. North by 40 points.

GWS v Essendon

The Giants were ok last week, Fremantle are on a slight “up” and while Freo controlled the game (it got out to 36 points) the Giants didn’t give up and a 21 point loss wasn’t a disaster while on the other side stick a fork in them, they are done! The Dons looked as bad as they have looked all year and that’s saying something.

This Giants midfield, much vaunted in recent years with good reason, is coming of age. Coniglio is an out and out gun in the making as is Treloar. Chuck in the likes of Ward playing some consistent footy, Griffen looking to have some pace back in his game, Patfull back in the D50 controlling things with Shaw and Davis and it’s coming together for them. They’re only the half game behind Adelaide in 9th and Geelong in 8th and I’d expect both of them to lose this weekend and GWS might just sneak back into 8th spot. With Port, Sydney, Carlton and Melbourne to come they might just hold a spot if they can beat the Bombers and Power in the next two weeks. Will be interesting to see who stands up for them in the next fortnight now things are serious.

It’s that bad at Windy Hill that Jobe Watson thought it was better to watch the Aussies lose a Test instead of stay home with his side. I’ve got no problem with Watson getting away, it’s been about the toughest 3 years any captain would ever have faced and he’s been the front man of the playing group since I can’t remember when this all started. If he wants to **** off overseas, sit and have a few frothies and watch some cricket I don’t think anyone can knock him for it. Might not be a great look while you’re side is at home getting beaten, but hey, he’s human like the rest of us. On field it’s the same few Hooker, Goddard, Heppell and Hibberd holding firm for the Bombers. They got killed last week though, smashed in all areas by the Doggies.

In/Out – Sunday game so too many to mention.

The Bombers have won the last 4 over the Giants but that run will come to an end at Spotless on Sunday afternoon. GWS by heaps, perhaps 50+.

St Kilda v Fremantle

The last one of the weekend with the Sainters under the roof with the Dockers. The Saints missed book ends Reiwoldt and Gilbert last week against Port and their structure suffered because of it while the Dockers just did what they had to over the Giants in Perth.

Not much to write about for the Saints from last week. Out scored in every quarter, never had the lead, 80 less touches, 10 less clearances, 13 less tackles, they just didn’t have any intent going forward without St Nick running up and back giving them a target. Montagna led the way for them, he was solid all day at both ends and in the middle with 26 touches and two goals while Steven and Armitage did what they could to help out. When Longer went down early it was left to Hickey to battle Ports rucks and he was ok, none of the Port big men had massive numbers and Hickey competed all the way through.

The second week in a row that the Dockers are missing Nat Fyfe, now it’s a groin keeping him out. Has he got enough votes already to win the Charlie? Anyway, the midfield didn’t really miss him last week with 5 of them having 30+ and another 5 having 20+ as Neale, Hill, Spurr, Mundy and Barlow controlled the guts and big Sandi had another day out. 43 hitouts with 21 touches and the big men of the competition are starting to rack up midfield like numbers with their possession counts. The best ones are, anyway.

Here a stat! The last two games between these sides have seen an average winning margin of 64.5 points. Both of them to the Saints!!! 118-60 in R18 last year and 112-41 in R23 the year before. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

In/Out- Sunday again. Lots. Gilbert and Reiwoldt should be back in and Clarke and Pearce, Clancee type will come in for the Dockers.

1st and 13th and I fear the margin might reflect it. Fremantle by 48 points.

TTFWIW – Last week got you 6.5 winners.

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Post by Paul on Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:00 pm

Booney wrote:Did anybody see Richmond rolling the Hawkers? Did anybody see Gold Coast sharing the spoils with West Coast? Did anybody see the Demons handing the Collywobbles another loss making it 6 on the trot?

*cough* Cool

Paul wrote:We know there will be an upset or 3.

Richmond to beat Hawthorn in my only upset tip

Collingwood but Melbourne are a chance

West Coast but Gold Coast a chance

Round 19

Port Adelaide
Gold Coast
North Melbourne

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Post by Thiele on Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:00 pm

Gold Coast

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