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Post by UncleHuey on Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:46 pm

Chambo Off To Work We Go wrote:

I haven't watched the SL series, but the Aussies are becoming much less adaptable.
You'd think with the amount of international cricket they play it would be otherwise.

Perhaps they adapt to the different forms of the game, particularly the short one.
But they don't seem to adapt their mindset to the different conditions in Tests where you get found out quite quickly.

We are hopeless against spin and swing.
Most Australian pitches do not swing apart from on the first morning. Pitches that fall apart or are conducive to big turning spin are also rare. Our batsmen do not see them at home and look all at sea against it.
I do wonder if it is too much short form cricket played on dead pitches where the ball comes on to the bat. Too much cross bat slogging and hitting the ball in the air for boundaries. Our batsmen are much less adapt at watching the ball onto the bat and nudging and driving the ball along the turf for regular singles.

Perhaps they need more first class cricket in different conditions and less one day and 20 over games.

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