Rob Gerard and the NAFC

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Rob Gerard and the NAFC Empty Rob Gerard and the NAFC

Post by Ben W on Thu Mar 01, 2012 8:50 pm

Less than a month to go to the season and Rob Gerad has pulled the sponsorship away from the club leaving North to scramble to find a replacement sponsor (Steller Homes).

Think its pretty obvious that there is more to this than what is being reported in the media?

Its a fair point to say that despite the new Sponsorship, North have to go out and replace all their Guernseys, supporter gear. stationary and all the various bits and pieces which would come at no small cost to the club.

A while back it was reported that new board members were voted in at North, I suspect that this may be where the real issue lies, yet will let others comment who might know something more closer to the club?

Ben W
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