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Post by Admin on Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:09 am

Welcome to Talking Footy, a new site to add to your enjoyment of our game.

We're not here to compete for numbers with existing forums. In fact, we encourage you to continue posting on the forums you already enjoy. Keep enjoying what they have to offer, but also enjoy what we offer, a forum to broaden your options and the experience of enjoying a different approach to discussing our great game, its teams, players and issues.

We're for respect and civil discussion, encouraging positive exchanges of views and free of trolling. Our moderating approach will be purely to promote a family-friendly site where all who post will feel comfortable in doing so.

We're looking to have a site where the news and views are genuine and where you'll find interesting viewpoints, not just from our regular posters, but also from articles contributed by those who write about our game for a living.

So come on in, enjoy the company of people who share a common interest with you and do so in a positive environment.

You're very welcome.


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