Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

Post by Brucetiki on Fri May 24, 2013 10:06 pm

Well, what a dramatic last 10 minutes of the Collingwood v Sydney game.

Adam Goodes reacted very strongly to something a Collingwood supporter has said. The supporter was shortly ejected from the ground, and Goodes finished the game in the rooms somewhat distressed.

What a terrible way to start Indigenous Round if this supporter has said what we suspect she said.

Only a Cornes could get outraged over that

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Re: Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

Post by Lee on Sat May 25, 2013 3:02 am

Yes, you just have to wonder about the mentality of someone like that. Goodes' game was sensational and worth watching just to admire how he plays.

I remember a game he played against Port at Football Park (a final?), which is close to the best individual game I've seen anyone play.

Really disappointing act, but people who feel the need to act like that have problems.

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Re: Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

Post by howthewestwaswon on Sat May 25, 2013 8:11 am

Surely she would face a lengthy ban from attending AFL matches??

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Re: Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

Post by A Mum on Sat May 25, 2013 11:09 am

I think everything needs to be put into context - and I thought (even though I an NOT a fan of the guy) That Eddie McGuire spoke very well almost straight after the game about the whole situation.

Yes whatever was said should definitely not have been said. I think Goodes did the right thing to point/single her out at the time. As people do need to be held 'accountable' for their actions.

We then see that she is a young teenage girl - and you could imediately tell that she was terrified when Goodes did 'confront' her - she was terrified when the security guard was talking to her. I think she learned her lesson in life very, very quickly at that point. So I think as Eddie said we need to not crucify this girl - especially if she is remorseful.

I guess I would feel differently towards this girl if she continued to be shown to have 'no respect' and see no wrong in what she had done/said. But going by the look on her face she was horrified.

I also think that some young kids of today don't have respect for anyone - and they think it's fine to yell abuse and disrespect people anyway (my biggest beef with society = no respect)- so that could even come into it.

And by what Eddie was saying it would appear that Adam sees it that yes this is a young girl, no she shouldn't have said that, yes it upset him big time, but hey just get this girl counselled.

Everyone is saying it's a shame/disappointment that it's happened in indiginous round - and yes it is - and yes it is 2013 and these things shouldn't be happening - but maybe it is indiginous weekend that these things can be highlighted as a big NO.

Oh well there's my 2c worth.
A Mum
A Mum

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Re: Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

Post by Paul on Tue May 20, 2014 2:10 pm

Essendon, Bulldogs embroiled in racial vilification shame

- Essendon fan's membership cancelled after vilifying Adam Goodes
- Bulldogs fail to identify fan who vilified Neville Jetta
- Goodes, Jetta thank clubs for swift action
- AFL says action highlights zero tolerance from other fans

AN ESSENDON member has had his membership cancelled after racially vilifying Sydney Swan Adam Goodes on Friday night, and the Western Bulldogs have also had to deal with a supporter vilifying an indigenous player.

Essendon started its investigation into the incident after members reported the abuse to Etihad Stadium management during the Bombers' 50-point loss.

Victoria Police ejected the spectator from the stadium and the club on Tuesday confirmed it had terminated the supporter's membership.

Goodes has thanked Essendon for its handling of the matter.

"While it is disappointing that these incidents still arise, there is a positive to come out of this, and that is the willingness of people in the crowd, regardless of the colours of their scarf and jumper, to draw a line in the sand and say that this is not acceptable," he said.

"While there still work to be done, to have Essendon members alert stadium security to the incident is a great indication that people in the football community will not tolerate racial vilification."

Meanwhile the Bulldogs have confirmed that "a person wearing a Bulldogs jumper" had racially abused Melbourne's Neville Jetta during the match on May 12.

President Peter Gordon said, "We were told that the abuse was reported at the time and that the perpetrator was monitored but due to an error he was not ejected by the security company.

"Subsequent efforts by the staff of the MCC to identify this person by CCTV footage, and by review of the ticketing records, have not so far proved successful.

"Despite those attempts being unsuccessful we remain entirely satisfied that the racial abuse occurred and that unfortunately it came from one of our own Bulldogs supporters."

He apologised on behalf of the club to Jetta and his family. Jetta responded a short time later in a statement issued by Melbourne, thanking the Bulldogs for the "respect and support" they showed in dealing with the incident.

In a statement on the Goodes' vilification, Bombers chief operating officer Xavier Campbell said, "On behalf of the entire Essendon Football Club, I want to publicly apologise to Adam Goodes for this extremely disappointing incident.

"Essendon prides itself on diversity and inclusion – players and fans deserve and expect the right to enjoy sport free from any form of abuse or harassment.

"As a club, we will now work even harder to educate our members and supporters about racial vilification and cultural awareness in our game."

Campbell said the member had expressed "deep remorse" and would only be considered for a membership again after undertaking a racial vilification education program.

"I commend our supporters for taking a stand and having the courage to report this matter to the appropriate authorities. If you're going to behave in this manner we don't want you attending our games," he said.

Goodes was the subject of a racist taunt last year from a teenage Collingwood supporter, which was then followed by Magpies president Eddie McGuire's 'King Kong' comments.

The champion Swan was named Australian of the Year for 2013 for his leadership and fight against racism on the sporting field and within society.

The AFL said the incidents were "extremely disappointing, but also highlighted the zero tolerance from other fans and the AFL community towards such behaviour".

AFL general manager football operations, Mark Evans, said the strong response from supporters who reported the comments and the subsequent actions of the clubs demonstrated that vilification and anti-social behaviour had no place in Australian football.

Gordon's statement added, "It has been the club’s initiative to make this matter public and to acknowledge the wrongdoing of one of our own supporters. When racist abuse rears its ugly head we will never as a club do what this person has done ... disappear into anonymity.

"It happened. One of our own supporters did it. We are all diminished as a consequence. But we will not let it pass. Even though we need every supporter we can get ... we don’t need supporters who behave like this.

"The fact that racist abuse is ignorant, cruel, unfair and unlawful, ought to be enough to see it consigned to history. But for those who despite all of these things continue to engage in it, know that we as a club we will not by silence, be complicit in your anonymous abuse. We will pursue and rigorously investigate any matter which comes to our attention."

Jetta's statement in response said: "I am disappointed for my family and friends to be subjected to these types of remarks and it's completely unacceptable that these sorts of comments still exist in our society today," he said.

"I was upset that my family and friends were subjected to this type of behaviour and that it still exists within the AFL, as they (the AFL) have done a terrific job in educating society that racial vilification is unacceptable.

"This is an opportunity to educate society and just because I didn’t hear the remark first hand, this doesn't mean that it is any less offensive or hurtful.

"I want to use this incident to continually educate society that comments of this nature are highly offensive and the hurt it can have on others.

"Finally, I want to thank the Western Bulldogs Football Club for the way in which they have handled this situation and the respect and support they have shown in dealing with this matter."

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Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes Empty Re: Collingwood supporter allegedly racially abuses Adam Goodes

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