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Warning to Troll Posters Empty Warning to Troll Posters

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:54 am

TFSA was started to give posters a site that is troll-free, friendly and a place where issues can be discussed without the threat of personal attack.

This hasn't been well received by a certain group who see us as fair game for concerted troll attacks. Until now, we have not drawn attention to the source of this trolling.

We have always been well aware of the source and have banned many members of that group for trolling and registering obscene poster names.

It is sad that some people think this is acceptable adult behaviour, but it has left us no alternative except to publish a link to their 30 member site if this behaviour continues.

If that doesn't stop the behaviour, we'll give a history of that site and its links to other sites, followed by a detailed history of its methods, members and operations.


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