First Birthday - Message to all our posters

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First Birthday - Message to all our posters Empty First Birthday - Message to all our posters

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:44 pm

Well, we’re now a year old.

It began as a chat between friends about offering SANFL fans an alternative forum with a different style. It’s now become a reality, with almost 22,000 posts in the first year and heading toward 300 members. Those figures aren’t huge, but they’re significant for a brand new site in a difficult ‘market’ and a great base for growth over our second year.

It’s been an enjoyable ride. We’ve had to deal with one or two problems at times, but we’ve been really encouraged by the quality and respect shown by all or posters. Our Moderators have rarely had to moderate posts and we take pride in knowing that our site is highly regarded by many in the world of SANFL for its style and friendliness.

While we have nearly 300 members, in common with all forums, many members register but don’t post. That’s fine, we’re here to be read as well as for posters, but naturally we hope for more contributions and discussion.
We’ve averaged about 420 posts per week. We’d like that to increase, but the majority of our posts are SANFL specific and we’re happy with that traffic and really impressed with the quality discussion.

This coming year? Well, like you, we all lead busy lives, but we’ll be trying to add more interest, variety and professionalism as we go. Season 2013 isn’t far away and we want to offer more game discussion and reviews, as well as our original idea of interviews with prominent SANFL people (something that busy lives makes difficult at times) and quality articles.

As always, this is a site run equally by several passionate people to give a forum for the genuine SANFL supporter. If you think you can contribute in any way to help the site, please contact us.

It doesn’t cost much in financial terms to run TFSA, so we’re just about providing a friendly, non-trolling environment that belongs equally to the Administrators, Moderators, posters and members.

Finally, thanks to every one of you. What makes a site is the quality of its content and the quality of its posters. On that score, you’ve been brilliant. First Birthday - Message to all our posters 1707509332

Happy Birthday, Talking Footy SA

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