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Post by Admin on Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:08 am

Talking Footy SA continues to thrive. We have the fastest growth of new members and our post numbers are slowly, but steadily, growing and we've welcomed new and existing members and Moderators with the merger with our sister site, My Footy Forum.

Our Deleted Threads Bin remains empty after 8 months of operation, a testament to our posters and to our idea that discussion of the SANFL doesn't need to be carried on in an atmosphere of abuse, attack, sexism and racism. On the few occasions we've had mild moderating decisions, they've been made with a minimum of fuss and in good spirit from allparties.

When we started, we had a mountain to climb and although we planned, we hoped for the best. We're now well past the 'hoping' phase and are already planning features to maintain interest and enjoyment in the 'off season'.

Talking Footy SA has only survived and thrived for one reason - our posters. You are this site and we sincerely thank you.

Feel free to respond and share our growth.

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